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Friday, December 25, 2009


Brandon woke us up at 8am. I thought he would be up earlier. He was excited and wanted us to get up. We have a white Christmas...sort of. There is still a moderate amount of snow on the ground from our Monday night snowstorm, although its been raining off and on for the last 48 hours.

We did get up. Katrina made some tea and we settled in to open presents. Brandon had the most, of course. He received some great presents from Meemaw, the Sabo's, Rosella and us. Unfortunately the gifts from my family did not arrive in time for Christmas. I guess Brandon has something to look forward to, possibly next week?

We made Brandon open a specific gift from us last. He opened it and found train track. He was a bit confused. He really wanted a Lego ICE train for Christmas, and we bought it for him, but we kept it hidden since such a big box would have been obvious to him. Katrina told him to look behind the couch and he was all smiles. He got his wish and spent most of the morning putting it together. Its an RC Lego train with sound and lights. He's already decided that this will be his new display at train shows when we move back the the US.

Katrina made a quiche for brunch. I helped by chopping all the veggies for her. It was delicious.

Brandon spent much of the day playing with his Lego train. We also watched Ice Age 3 this afternoon. Cute, but not as good as the first two.

Katrina and I spent a lot of time reading today. I finished my latest book, Hunting Fear, by Kay Hooper. Now I will start book two in the trilogy, Chill of Fear. Thanks to KC for the books she loaned Katrina. I'm enjoying some of them as well.

I made Bacialli con sugo di funghi for dinner this evening. Basically, its potato gnocchi with mushroom and shallot sauce. Tasty! We enjoyed some salad and Amarone wine with it. After dinner we had our first slices of Panettone, a very popular holiday cake here in Italy. The supermarkets aisles are stacked with boxes of these cakes. I saw people with 5, 6, and more of them in their shopping carts. They are a very light cake with candies fruits, nuts, chocolates and many other fillings.

I thought it was tasty, but agreed with Katrina. She thought it would be really tasty with the rum sauce from my Mom's rum cake recipe. Brandon didn't care for the cake all that much.

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