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Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Italian Lessons Today

Its another beautiful day in Vedano. I think the high is supposed to be somewhere in the high 70's.

Rosella, out Italian instructor, was almost an hour late before Katrina noticed an email from Berlitz telling us she is sick. Italian lessons are good for us, but its nice to have another morning free.

I think I'll go get a much overdue haircut. I needed one in late August and now its almost the end of September. Wow, the end of September. Where have the last 5 months gone? I fear that two years will be up before we realize it or are ready for it.

I walked into downtown Vedano for a haircut and had to wait about 30 min for my turn. Its so much easier to get my hair cut now. The barber knows how I like it and we can chat in simple Italian. There always seems to be a customer who speaks a little English and wants to chat. Today there were two. One man had lived in the US for a short while. He currently lives in Vedano and is a chiropracter in Monza. The other man, Marco, is a college student who has traveled extensively in Europe and the US. We chatted about Italy, places to visit, the US, food and sports....a little bit in Italian and a little bit in English.

Katrina was very tired and feeling like she may be getting sick. She's had a very busy week. We are all looking forward to a weekend at home.

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