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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Molto Bella Domenica

Its a beautiful Sunday here in Vedano.  We all slept in, then had a lazy morning in the house. 

I finished and posted my blog for our day in Verona.  I'm having problems with the formatting of my blog.  Ever since I updated Blogger for a new and improved version, I have had troubled uploading pictures and with the paragraph formatting when I add pictures.  When I add them my paragraphs get bunched together instead of spaced apart for easier reading.  I can fix, save and preview all I want, but once I publish it just messes everything up. 

Brandon wanted to go for a walk in Parco di Monza, so we all got ready and headed out.  We had a nice walk around the park.  Brandon rode his scooter.  It am continually amazed at how busy the park is on Sundays.  Italians love to get outside and sit in the sun, BBQ, walk and ride bikes.  Near the Autodromo we could see the signs of them getting ready for next weekends Formula 1 races.  Its the biggest even of the year for Monza and Vedano...and we have tickets for Saturday!

This afternoon I watched two espisodes of Rick Steve's, all about Paris.  I look forward to visiting Paris on the 18th.

Early in the evening I decided to go for the bike ride I had planned on doing this morning.  I rode about 24 km, a short but strong ride.  On the way home I rolled through the Autodromo to see what was going on.  Wow!  The Formula 1 teams are all setup and the track is looking nicer than I have ever seen it...in the 4 short months we have lived here.  I can't wait to see racing on Saturday.  OH...gotta get earplugs!!

21 Week Gelati Count - 111
21 Week Wine Bottle Count - 19

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