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Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day of School - 4th Grade

We woke up to clouds, light rain and major humidity today.  It was tought waking up.  We've been sleeping in most of the summer and now we must get back into a routine.  Its Brandon's first day of school. 

He didn't eat much of his breakfast.  I think he was a combination of excitment and nervousness.  I packed up his lunch and Katrina walked him to school.  I know he will be fine once the day gets started.  He will have fun being around kids again after a summe stuck with Dad. 

Walking to school.
Katrina had her Italian lesson this morning.  I am enjoying some personal time until my lesson, following hers.  My lesson was a bit frustrating.  I've reached a different level of understanding and am feeling stuck again.  I want to speak more fluently, yet I still get stuck on phrases or words for the 100th time. 

It is quiet around the house.  Brandon is in school and Katrina at work.  The cat box smells.  I must go clean it!

We have decided to do a day trip to Verona on Saturday, so I will start figuring out what there is to do and see. 

I walked over to pickup Brandon at school.  He was a little on edge when he met me, but calmed down as we walked home.  He had a good first day.  No homework...yet. 

Brandon had his Italian lesson this afternoon.  He was tired from school, but seems to dramtize his tiredness to make Rosella think he can't study . We need to work on this, but I'm not sure what to do. He's a smart boy!

It is pretty humid again this evening.  AC is on!

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