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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slovenian Capitol

Today we headed to Ljubljana after another good breakfast at Pension Kovac.

Ljubljana is the capitol of Slovenia and is a very beautiful city. It was about an hour drive to the city. We had been given directions to some convenient parking, but got lost. We finally found the parking after some backtracking.

Brandon spotted a playground, so we let him play for awhile before walking to the train station. The tourist information office is located in the train station. They gave us a great tour book for the old city.

We walked about 5 blocks toward the old city, arriving at the Dragon Bridge. Katrina really like the Dragon bridge. You can read her comments on her blog.

(Unfortunately, last night when I was downloading my pictures from the memory card, I left the memory card in my laptop. So, I didn't have a memory card to take pictures today. Hopefully Katrina will 'loan' me a few of her pictures and I can post them later on.)

We walked through the open air market (closed today - Sunday), and over the triple bridge to Preseren Square. This is where Brandon found a relief map of Ljubljana.

We followed the walking tour past Congress Square, the Church of the Holy Trinity, Town Hall, the University and over the Cobblers Bridge, back into the old town. We took the funicular up to Ljubjanski grad, the castle.

We had some great views from the top of the castle, including from up high in the tower.

After riding the funicular back down we headed back to Preseren Square where we had seen a Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately (for Katrina, Brandon... and for me) I was in a bad mood at this point and that made for a long afternoon. Katrina was very patient with me and I love her for that. I know it may be hard to believe, but sometimes I can be difficult...even high maintainance, some would say.

Anyway, Katrina wanted to go back to take more pictures of the Dragon Bridge. Brandon wanted to go back to the relief map, so I took him there and Katrina went off on her own for awhile.

When Katrina returned, we meandered back to our car and attempted to drive home. We got lost getting out of the city and ended up on a country road instead of the highway. We got lucky. The country road was heading in the right direction and would eventually meet up with the highway. We just took the scenic route.

We arrived back at Pension Kovac late in the evening. Brandon was hungry, but we didn't want to go to a restaurant. Katrina stayed in the room while Brandon and I headed out to find some food. We ended up at a gas station in Bled. Dinner consisted of Coca Cola, potato chips, and German chocolate....our healthiest meal yet!!

We packed up at bit before watching some TV and eventually going to bed. Tomorrow we drive back home - about 5 1/2 hours.

19 Week Gelati Count: 102
19 Week Wine Bottle Count: 16

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