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Friday, June 26, 2009


Questa sera c'e' l'insaugurazione di un nuovo locale notturno - This evening there's the opening of a new nightclub.

Forecast for Vedano: a couple of thunderstorms, 30c.

We had a very strong thunderstorm last night. Lighting flashing all over, heavy rain and very loud thunder. I'm surprised it did not wake Brandon up.

Its been an interesting week. I've heard that Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson have all passed away in the last 2-3 days. The most surprising was Michael Jackson.

Brandon is on his first day of summer vacation. Since Katrina is home in the mornings, I went for my second bike ride. I followed the same route as last time, but rode about 1.5km farther. My turnaround point was 16.5km from Como. The other significant factor of my turnaround point is that the big hills really start. I rode up the first one...the extra 1.5km today...and turned around before it dropped significantly on the other side. I felt good on the bike, but not as aggressive in traffic as last time. My butt is the sorest part of my body. Next ride will probably be on Monday since we are going away for the weekend.

This is a sculpture in Parco di Monza. The speck underneath it is Brandon on his bike.

After lunch Brandno and I decided to go for a bike ride. We rode over to the post office in Vedano, then the Gelateria Judy for granite, followed by a bike ride in Parco di Monza. We found some new roads we had not been on. Its such a big park, I'm sure we will be finding new areas for a very long time. We arrived home hot and sweaty. Its humid today, but thankfully not too hot. The AC was turned on as soon as we arrived home.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the apartment, moving the rear rack from my road bike to my mtn bike, and watching ants. Yes, watching ants is a favorite pasttime for and 8 year old boy. The clouds began to roll in and we had a small thunderstorm and some lighting. Not even close to what we had last night.

Brandon decided he wanted to sleep on the balcony tonight. He has his pop up play tent setup and his sleeping bag inside. I just sprayed him with bug repellent, otherwise he will be eaten alive.

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