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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Italian Tuesday

Forecast for Vedano: spotty showers this afternoon, high 28c = 86 degrees.

Italian phrase: Non mi piace il pane bianco; preferisco quello integrale - I don't like white bread; I prefer whole wheat.

Katrina walked Brandon to school, as usual. I cleaned the house a bit. Katrina had her Italian lesson at 9am, so I took the car and went in search of a phone with a headset plug. Katrina would prefer a headset when she works from home, mostly on the phone with Corvallis. Its proving hard to find.

My Italian class began at 11:15. Katrina left for work. She is working alone this week since Mike is on vacation with Jen in Prague. My Italian lesson was challenging but went pretty well. I wish I was further along. I'm still finding it difficult to speak more than basic Italian. I really can't hold much of a conversation and its getting a little frustrating.

This afternoon I hung the laundry and mopped the floors and balcony. Everytime we walk out on the balcony our feet turn black.

I chatted with Julia a little bit on Facebook this afternoon. Its fun to keep in touch with so many people through FB, Skype and email. I enjoy hearing that so many of you are enjoying my blog. I like doing it, for myself and for all of you. I have a notebook page of many random topics about Italy that I will write about as time goes on. If you have a topic you would like to hear about, or a question you would like me answer, send a message and I'll see what I can come up with. I highly recommend that you follow any links I add to Katrina's blog. She doesn't have as much time, so she generally blogs about once a week. Her pictures are well worth it. I take random pics to add to my blog. Katrina is the photographer and she takes amazing shots of all that we see in Italy.

Brandon had his Italian lesson after school today. He's doing pretty well. Its amazing how much he picks up, even when it appears that he is not paying attention.

It cooled off quite a bit this evening. The skies are cloudy and we even heard a little bit of thunder in the distance. The AC is off again and the windows are open. We have a nice breeze flowing through the apartment. Actually, a few times we had too much air flow through the apartment and doors and/or windows were slamming shut.

We had piadina's for dinner - tortilla like bread with prociutto corto and provolone. They get heated in the toaster oven and are very tasty.

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