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I am a 45 year husband and dad, currently adjusting to life back in the United States after living in Italy for a little over two years. I love spending time with my family, cycling, model railroading, mosaics and watching TV and movies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Beginning

It’s my first full day here in Italy. Brandon and I arrived yesterday around noon. Katrina was there to greet us and all the luggage. It was an uneventful trip. It actually went rather smoothly. Brandon and I got a little lost in the Frankfurt airport, but that was not big deal.

Its hard to believe we are here. I’m not totally sure what to think or what to do. I’m a bit bewildered. Our lives will be different. Our daily routines will be different.

It was a semi busy morning. The owners Dad came by to help fix a few things. We have a couple of lights that do not work. The remote for the AC in the living room does not work. The garage door handle broke. Nothing major, but we would like it all fixed. The kitchen table was delivered from IKEA. The TV, vacuum and microwave were delivered from the rental agency.

Katrina headed off to work. Brandon is at school. Stevie is sleeping under the comforter in our room. The house is quiet and a little too peaceful. I need to put together the table and chairs for the kitchen. I will also need to pickup Brandon from school at 3:30pm.

Eventually I can do the grocery shopping. Eventually we will have internet and TV. Eventually I will have a routine. Until then I Life here will be interesting. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself at this point. Eventually I can do need to remember to be patient and go with the flow.

We just returned home from grocery shopping at Auchen. It was a long shopping experience and we were all pretty tired part way through. It was interesting to see the different types of food and purchase some basic items and some new items.

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