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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weight Watchers Week 6

I had my latest WW meeting on Monday morning. What should have been a tough week ended up being my best week and biggest weight loss to date. I lost 3.6 lbs for a total loss of 10.8 lbs to date.

I decided after last weeks meeting that I needed a plan. I knew I was close to the 10lb mark, but it would need to be a big week. My goal and focus: I reminded myself how much better I would feel if I reached the -10lb mark than how I would feel if I overate on Thanksgiving.

I had a great Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, snacks, wine, and pie. All of this with moderation. I even walked/ran on the treadmill Thursday morning. Thats a first for me. That breaks one of my oldest rules "excuses"....holidays are a day off, so no exercise is needed. My reasons for doing it were: 1) It was only 40 min of my day, and 2) it would give me extra points I could use for all the food of the day.

Overall, I'm very please with my success. Now I need to focus on the next 10 lbs. That is my goal each time, no more or I just get overwhelmed. Hey, 10lbs lost is a moderately sized turkey!!

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