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Friday, December 12, 2008

Italian Language Lessons

HP has several benefits for us to take advantage of before and during our time in Italy. Language lessons are one of them. We each get up to 150 hours of language instruction from Berlitz Language services. They have language centers all over the US and internationally. They offer classroom and online instruction. The local office is in Portland. Since Portland is about 2 hours away, it is really not that convenient to drive there 2-3 times a week.

Thankfully we can do it online. Its a live session with a real instructor. We had to download some 'classroom' software and purchase a better headset/microphone.

I registered this week and have my orientation session this morning. After that, I can schedule language sessions as much as I want to. They suggest 3 90 minute sessions a week.

Katrina and I will begin working on the lessons this next week. Since the online program is not setup for children, we will wait until we move to Italy for Brandon to begin lessons. He also gets 150 hours of language lessons. Fortuanately Berlitz has a language center in Monza Italy, where we hope to live. Brandon will also have Italian lessons three times a week at the International School he will be attending.

Our Italian adventure begins in approximately 7 weeks...

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