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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy at School

I had a busy morning at school today.  I was supposed to read with grade 2 students, but I was intercepted in the school lobby by the Headmaster (over all the ISM Milan schools).  He was going to be participating in his annual Q&A session with parents, today here in Monza.  I was asked to attend.

The meeting was very interesting in a couple of ways:  1) Out of 9 grades of students, only 5 parents attended the meeting, and 2)  It's still amazing to me that we, as humans, find it easier to complain than to put forth the effort to share what good is being accomplished.  

The meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours with some interesting issues brought up, most of which I have been dealing with since the beginning of the school year.   I've learned a lot about school programs, academics, dealing with parents and students since I took on my PAB representative role.  It's been good.

This afternoon I returned to school to read with grade 5 students.  I really enjoy this time and look forward to it each week.  I believe that being active in our children's schools is the best way to make sure they are getting a positive learning experience and its a great way to stay in touch with what is going on in the schools.

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