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Monday, October 12, 2009

Windy Bike Rides and Conversations in Italian

Brandon and I woke up to a cold and windy morning in Vedano. The sun is out and the temperature is cold but not too bad if you can stay out of the wind.

Katrina is in day 2 of meetings with HP folks from Corvallis. She had a busy day of meetings yesterday. She called just before dinner and told us she had more meetings after dinner. Whew!

I walked Brandon to school then went for a morning bike ride. It was somewhere between chilly and cold this morning. I ended up riding my regular 40km to Luago di Erba.

My Italian lesson went pretty well this afternoon. We are working on general conversational Italian. I find this more interesting than grammer, verbs, nouns, etc. After my lesson, Rosella and I walked to school to meet Brandon. I ended up teaming with Brandon for some more conversation in Italian during his lesson.

This evening Brandon and I took a short drive into Lissone to look for a carnival. Rosella told us about a carnival that was setting up for a celebration this coming weekend. We found it and plan to go on some rides, probably on Sunday.

Its a windy and chilly evening here in Vedano. The low is supposed to be 3 degrees celcius...thats almost freezing.

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