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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dream Bike

It was very chilly this morning as I walked Brandon to school. I wore a jacket for the first time this fall.

I went for another bike ride this morning. Another 40km on my usual route, but this time no wind. I've battled a lot of wind the past two mornings. Today it was just plain cold. I bundled up, but still felt chilled. The crisp air was a great wakeup. It really felt good to get out and ride. I found myself dreaming of the Pinarello again, enough that I when I got home I showered and headed to Bicimania to lust again. I found a salesman who spoke a little English and asked some questions. Technical questions in Italian would just be a disaster for me. I'm torn between the carbon fiber FP2 and the more reasonably priced aluminum FP1. The carbon fiber is a better frame with a little more gentle ride and a component upgrade. The FP1 may be all I need, though aluminum is a stiffer ride and it has the entry level components. Its not like I'm racing or anything, but I do like a quality bike. The difference is 600 euro. Hmmm, it really doesn't matter. Its not like I'm going to get or even need another bike.

So, the carnival that was setup in Parco di Matteotti is now gone. I noticed some blue semis had arrived this afternoon. A circus is now setting up in the park - Circo Aquatico.

I spent part of the afternoon cleaning my touring bike. Its amazing how dirty it gets even though I ride on dry roads. I cleaned the rear cogs, rear wheel and chainring. I also wiped down the frame. Oh, and I changed the back tube. It didn't have any leaks, but I think the tube had a bit of a bulge near the valve, causing it the wheel to wobble a bit. I think a new tube fixed the problem. I checked it and don't see a wobble anymore. We shall see when I ride tomorrow. If it still wobbles, its probably the wheel. I will have to take it to Bicimania to get it trued. I don't true wheels and I always need a reason to visit Bicimania to visit my dream bike. Any ideas on how to make 1090 euro cash?

My Dream Bike

This evening Brandon and I went to Auchan to buy a birthday gift for Katrina. Her birthday is on Saturday. We stopped for some tasty gelati on the way home, even though it is cold and supposed to get down to 1 degree C tonight.

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  1. Sounds like Fall weather to me with the temps dipping that low and the highs in the 60's. It doesn't seem to come on very gradual there does it?