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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brrrr...its Cold!

Brandon and I woke up to an almost freezing temperature of 5c. Chilly, chilly...cold.

We walked to school then I went for a cold bike ride. I'm glad I brought all my warm weather riding gear, although I may need to purchase a few more items. I rode my usual 40km. Its becoming routine, so I need to figure out how to get myself off the normal and comfortable route. Hills would warm me up. So would my bed.

This afternoon was spent cleaning the balcony, doing laundry and studying Italian. I've been trying to get in a better habit of studying for a couple of reasons: I'd like to improve my Italian. I'd like to have a study routine in place when my 'official' lessons with Rosella run out in a few weeks.

I also decided to go for a drive just to explore some neighboring towns. I found a bike shop/manufacturer - Sala - that I had been trying to find for several weeks. They were closed for the lunch break, but now I know where it is. I also discovered some new interesting towns.

I had to be back home by 2:30 for my Italian lesson. I was feeling pretty tired when she arrived. We've been working through the book, Essential Italian, the past few lessons. At 3:15 we took a break and walked to school to pickup Brandon. It is so chilly out. The temperature was 12c = 48F.

Brandon is having his lesson as I write this. They are workinng through a short Italian storybook about a mouse. Brandon was assigned, in his school Italian class, to read this book and write a book report in Italian. That would be a challenge for me. Maybe I should try it!? Katrina mentioned the other day how easy it is getting to understand Italian commercials on TV and on the radio. Its humbling that most commercials, here and in the US, are written at a 3rd grade level. Maybe I will reach middle school by the time we leave Italy.

This evening Brandon and I walked over for gelati. Once there, I decided to not have any...it's too cold.

Katrina should be home late this evening. I think the week of meetings is over with and they are heading to dinner one last time.

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